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Om het huis hebben we aardig wat dieren zoals possums en koala's. Ook wel eens een slang en een grote lizzard. Gelukkig geen kangaroos!.

In dit album wat plaatjes van deze dieren.





In the yard we have a fair bit of wildlife. Possums and koalas but - and we are very happy about that - no kangaroos.

This albums shows some of the picures we have been able to take.



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  • First there is Kelly, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Kelly is already nine years old, but still looks like a puppy dog.... She was born in Campbelltown and too shy to go on shows. So at the age of 6 months sha became available and we were happy to have her.

    We had a dog like this one in the Netherlands that is still alive and lives with our son, his wife and our grand children there. To import a dog into Australia is such a hassle the we decided to leave her behind.

  • Pelicans are everywhere....

  • This possum and baby lives in our shed at the moment - and were are not really happy with that.  The possum dad is also around and together they make mess....

    Lucky enough they like peanut butter sandwiches....

  • One of the many koala\'s that pass through our yard.

  • And another one - or is the same one....????

  • And another one.... At least we think it is another one.

  • .... in full flight!

  • Not really in the garden, but on the other side of the sand dunes....

  • This one ( White faced heron - Egretta (Ardea) Novaehollandiae ) visits our garden early in the morning. Not too much light yet. So we used ISO 800 to get sufficient aperture to get the depth of field. Slightly grainy (when you look closely to the original).

    (Shot with the Canon 50D with EF 100-400mm L 1/4.5-5.6 IS USM )

  • Another shot of this visiting Heron

  • One of the regular visitors.

    Camera: Canon 5DMkII - 100-400mm 4 -5.6 IS USM L @ 400mm - on tripod with remote shutter control. F/5.6 1/200 ISO 400 - spot metering

  • Squirrel in tree in Echten Dr. The Netherlands. with Canon 5DMkII - Lens 100-400 1/4-5.6 L IS USM @ 400mm - ISO 200 - f/5.6 - 1/100